Our Implementation System Provides Holistic Support.

Sometimes we are asked what makes our Implementation Specialists different from business coaches in other organizations. While other organizations assign you one coach to handle everything, we provide a comprehensive coaching system that gives you access to Implementation Specialists and trainers who specialize in a variety of disciplines.

If you have a technical question and need support for a deal you are putting together, we have a Implementation Specialist who can help. And our Inner Game coaching program addresses the intangibles – those psychological barriers that can get in the way or hold us back to achieving our true potential.

Our Implementation Specialists can help you with time management, overcoming procrastination, approaches to alternative private money sources, and many other areas of personal effectiveness.

When you join the MPactWealth community, you get support from every angle. 

Meet our Implementation Specialists

Willie C. Hooks, Master Coach

MPactWealth Master Coach Willie Hooks is a recognized pioneer in
developing breakthrough personal and business coaching methodologies, tools and techniques. His inventive coaching programs elevate students beyond knowledge to action and tangible results. As a result of his work, his students have made millions of dollars – as well as significant changes in their personal lives.

A sought after mentor, speaker, author and consultant to Fortune 500
companies and senior executives, Willie serves as CEO of JTE Associates, a
performance coaching and organizational development consulting company. He previously served a lengthy tenure as a senior executive at major technology corporations. He continues to share his business knowledge and operational expertise by serving on the boards of several fast growing companies.

Willie has created numerous audio programs on business, executive, and personal effectiveness. His programs provide illuminating strategies, tips and techniques for creating meaningful and transformational change. He also formulated the MPactWealth coaching system, which injects the integral ingredient of accountability into techniques that tackle time management and procrastination while maximizing personal effectiveness. 

Willie holds a Masters of Business Degree (MBA) in Strategy Formation from the University of Pittsburgh. He is passionate about working with a number of charitable organizations, including the Battered Wives Association, Boy Scouts of America, Veterans Administration, Harvest Food Bank, and Palo Alto Theater Works. He is a loving father and grandfather who enjoys watching movies, reading, and rooting for his beloved Los Angeles Lakers.

Mary Beltrami, Implementation Expert

With deep commitment to the success of her clients, Mary has coached upwards of a thousand individual clients, making her one of the most highly experienced coaches in the industry. Together, Mary’s clients have earned millions of dollars with the support of her direction and coaching. Mary is a certified personal and business coach with a solid background in business and personal and professional development. She draws upon her extensive experience coaching clients with an entrepreneurial orientation desiring to build highly successful, revenue generating businesses in addition to her 15 plus years working in large, high tech corporate companies in the area of Sales, Marketing and Communications.

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Mary’s education consists of training with JTE Associates Accountability and Performance-Based Coaching, the Academy for Coaching Excellence, and she holds a B.S. in Business and a Masters in Counseling Psychology (MACP) all of which allow her to provide outstanding consulting and coaching support to her clients.  Mary’s clients have reported both outstanding business financial results and meaningful life changes as a result of her highly effective coaching style, skill level and extensive knowledge base. Mary is gifted at engaging her clients in helping them realize more of their true potential in order to achieve meaningful and important goals both in their personal and professional lives.

Ray Burkhalter, Implementation Expert & Trainer

MPactWealth Group Trainer and Business Performance Coach Ray Burkhalter is president of Sugarbush Investment Group, a private lending investment company. Because he left a career in mechanical engineering to pursue his bold dream of creating multiple streams of passive income – and succeeded – he is able to draw from the obstacles he faced during that learning curve period to teach others.

 Many of Ray’s students are propelled to success directly as a result of his ability to connect with them and communicate his working knowledge and practical experience in a way that truly resonates – and works in the real world. When he’s not teaching others the ins and out of peer to peer lending, Ray enjoys college football and outdoor sports like rafting and skiing.

Marc Hoffman, Implementation Expert & Trainer

MPactWealth Accountability Coach Marc Hoffman has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, from creative real estate to buying and selling paper assets. He bought his first of many pieces of income real estate in 1998 and has since worked on perfecting the practice of “becoming the bank.”

 He launched a private lending business in 2010 and has intimate knowledge of deal structuring, negotiations, communication, and business systems. What is perhaps most unique about Marc’s style is his ability to tap into the inner game and success psychologies needed for rapid and sustained achievement in small business. One-on-one interaction in sales and negotiation is his specialty. Marc is greatly rewarding by being able to coach hundreds of students to financial success through real estate investing and wealth creation. As an avid hunter and fisherman, Marc lives in Minnesota on Lake Mille Lacs with his wife and two black labs and looks forward to fall every year

* Any success stories or testimonials portraying income or earnings are NOT to be interpreted as common, typical, expected, or normal for an average student. Students who have completed our training and development courses have told us of numerous documented successful deals. However, while we do not currently gather data on our students’ success, we believe that students who choose NOT to continue on to our advanced programs typically earn little or no money and possibly even lose money, as there is work and risk associated with private lending or investing in real estate; but students who advance on to our Platinum Program typically complete five to ten transactions in their first year in the Program and earn $10,000 to $50,0000 in their first year, with results typically improving in successive years. The students who shared their success stories have completed our advanced training and are members of The Platinum Community. These students are not paid for their stories.  We believe in full transparency, so please read our Earnings and Income Disclaimers and Terms of Use.