Helping people achieve the lifestyle they deserve

Providing the know-how to achieve financial success is what we do – but it’s only one piece of what we do. We believe that education without implementation is just entertainment. We believe that to truly get where you need to go, you must take action on that knowledge.

That’s why MPactWealth sets you up for success by combining wealth education and a trusted, knowledgeable community that will empower you to take action and achieve results. At MPactWealth, you can leverage the community’s collective experience and wisdom for your own personal gain. This winning formula has allowed us to become the largest and most powerful network of private lenders in the world. If two heads are better than one, just think of the possibilities with an entire financial community in your corner.

Our Early Beginnings

Founded in 2006, MPactWealth (formerly WealthClasses) is a company created to help people realize that they have the power – not big banks – to find financial success and achieve a lifestyle they desire and deserve.

George Antone, who studied computer science and mathematics at the University of California at Davis and worked at Intuit and Microsoft before founding MPactWealth, realized early in his career that the world is divided into three groups – consumers, producers and bankers. While producers may be having a lot of fun because of the products they create, they also take on the biggest burden of risk. And while banking may be a small contingent of people, bankers are by far the most successful group. So 25 years ago he decided to pick that team and master the mindset of financial freedom. After finding financial success for himself, he authored two best-selling books – The Wealthy Code and The Banker’s Code – outlining his proven financial engineering strategies in an effort to help thousands of people write their own stories of financial success.

MPactWealth Spurs Company Expansion

To help best serve private lenders on a more holistic level, Achievest was created for those looking for financial services to support their growing passive income portfolios. LendZoan, for example, is an asset-backed crowdfunding platform in the Achievest portfolio of companies that empowers borrowers and investors alike to tap directly into the local real estate market, leaving behind outdated regulations and a barrage of red tape. And WorthManagement is a company that provides professional wealth management services and advanced training to help build and preserve wealth.

Today, Achievest is a thriving community of thousands of people from all walks of life – from real estate investors and entrepreneurs to nurses and customer service managers – who have the courage and dedication to take action and create abundance for themselves and their loves ones.

  • “The key is it’s not just the idea and the strategies,

    it’s the actual implementation and support that they can provide and that’s really what makes it happen. And it can save you a tremendous amount of time and you don’t have to go figure it out yourself. They’ve done it for you.”
    John Barbee
    Decatur, GA
    CEO at Atlanta House Buyer, Inc

  • “I came to the realization that I needed to work smarter not harder.

    And I found that private lending was working smart and it really appeals to me. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m working smart not hard.”
    Stephen Pack
    Greater New York City Area
    CEO at Armadale Capital, Inc

* Any success stories or testimonials portraying income or earnings are NOT to be interpreted as common, typical, expected, or normal for an average student. Students who have completed our training and development courses have told us of numerous documented successful deals. However, while we do not currently gather data on our students’ success, we believe that students who choose NOT to continue on to our advanced programs typically earn little or no money and possibly even lose money, as there is work and risk associated with private lending or investing in real estate; but students who advance on to our Platinum Program typically complete five to ten transactions in their first year in the Program and earn $10,000 to $50,0000 in their first year, with results typically improving in successive years. The students who shared their success stories have completed our advanced training and are members of The Platinum Community. These students are not paid for their stories.  We believe in full transparency, so please read our Earnings and Income Disclaimers and Terms of Use.