Lender References – Find Out Why They’re So Important

A question from someone I mentor reminded me of a simple but sometimes difficult step to take in due diligence of a new borrower – ask for lender references.  It seems like it can be very hard to bring yourself to do this – the borrower looks great, they are experienced and have liquidity… if they aren’t working with their … Read More →

Real estate crowdfunding is changing the investment game

Crowdfunding continues to grow in popularity as an alternative investment vehicle. The ability to invest directly in people, real estate and even companies without an intermediary is empowering for many. And with the concurrent rise in mobile and other technologies, access and security for these powerful lending tools is better than ever.

A 2014 report from the financial market research … Read More →

Evaluating private loan borrowers

With peer-to-peer lenders filling a void in the loan market, attracting private loan borrowers is not a difficult proposition. Plenty of borrowers, particularly those in the real estate investment industry, are willing to pay premium prices in order to obtain the quick, short-term funding they require.

However, in order for private lenders to minimize risk, it's vital they properly evaluate potential … Read More →

3 wealth-building myths that need to be dispelled

No matter your goals for creating passive income, one thing all investors have in common is the need for smart strategy. Unfortunately, it's all too easy for individuals to follow popular opinion or outdated advice when trying to reach their wealth-building objectives.

Contrary to what financial pundits and so-called experts may say, there are some wealth-building myths that need to … Read More →

Focusing on compliance in private lending

There are plenty of moving parts to be aware of when you enter the private lending game, and compliance with local laws and regulations is chief among them.

However, instead of getting bogged down in legal minutiae or feeling overwhelmed by lending guidelines, it's important to put things in perspective.

"Contending with compliance issues is an essential part of any … Read More →

How risky is private lending?

Risk is a part of every investment, no matter how safe and secure it may appear. The key is to select an investment strategy that allows you to minimize risk as much as possible while maximizing returns.

Experts from across the financial industry regularly weigh in on which investments are most hazardous. From stocks and bonds to money market funds … Read More →

Are you networking like a Survivor supervillain?

Networking is hard. Especially when you don’t have a clue what you are doing. You may feel like an ill-prepared contestant on Survivor, stranded in the wilderness of the complex private lending industry. Fortunately you’re not. You won’t have to forage for food and water, or build a structure out of drift wood and palm fronds to survive as

a … Read More →

Beware the mortgage loan in sheep’s clothing

“Baaaaaa” went the sheep as he walked into the mortgage lending office. “Yum!” went the mortgage broker behind the desk…

“Have I got a loan for you!”

There are many times when investors need to take out mortgage loans as leverage to grow their private lending business. And the friendly mortgage broker strongly suggests a loan based on the best … Read More →

Are you on the wrong financial team?

Imagine being on a pro sports team that wins every game.

This is kind of like being on the Harlem Globetrotters. Of their 22,000 games they’ve only lost 345 times to the Washington Generals. That’s a 98.5% win percentage.

“Of course!” You scoff. “The generals are supposed to lose.”

Maybe so…

But the fans love to watch the Globetrotters great … Read More →