Are you networking like a Survivor supervillain?

Networking is hard. Especially when you don’t have a clue what you are doing. You may feel like an ill-prepared contestant on Survivor, stranded in the wilderness of the complex private lending industry. Fortunately you’re not. You won’t have to forage for food and water, or build a structure out of drift wood and palm fronds to survive as

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Beware the mortgage loan in sheep’s clothing

“Baaaaaa” went the sheep as he walked into the mortgage lending office. “Yum!” went the mortgage broker behind the desk…

“Have I got a loan for you!”

There are many times when investors need to take out mortgage loans as leverage to grow their private lending business. And the friendly mortgage broker strongly suggests a loan based on the best … Read More →

Are you on the wrong financial team?

Imagine being on a pro sports team that wins every game.

This is kind of like being on the Harlem Globetrotters. Of their 22,000 games they’ve only lost 345 times to the Washington Generals. That’s a 98.5% win percentage.

“Of course!” You scoff. “The generals are supposed to lose.”

Maybe so…

But the fans love to watch the Globetrotters great … Read More →

How “The Greatest Invention in Human History” can make you historic profits

So what’s the greatest invention in human history…

The wheel?

The internal combustion engine?


All those are pretty darn good. But one of the smartest guys ever called this invention the “8th Wonder of the World” and “The Greatest Invention in Human History.”

The guy? Albert Einstein.

The Greatest Invention: Compound Interest.

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Can debt be your hidden superpower?

You know those comic books where the superhero swoops down to save the lady buried by the avalanche? He rips a telephone pole from the ground, pries off the 10 ton boulder and saves the day. Wouldn’t it be great to have the amazing ability to lift huge obstacles like that, especially those that bury your ability to build wealth?… Read More →

How to bring dead money back to life

The door to the laboratory slowly creaks open. Your heart pounds like a hammer.

The man you came to interview is here.

“Good evening… the name is Dr. Victor Financialstein, Underwriter. Tonight I shall show you how to bring the dead back to life!”

You gasp, “People?”

“No,” he whispers.


Money buried in the graveyard

You follow Dr. Financialstein … Read More →