The question remains: How do you get there?

MPactWealth is the experiential learning company for private lending training and other peer-to-peer investment strategies, buoyed by the nation’s largest network of private lenders. It is a lifestyle company, helping people invest their time, travel and money for the sake of a better life. Through training, implementation and the peer-to-peer community experience, MPactWealth helps people from all walks of life achieve goals related to retirement plans, getting kids through college and starting their own Private Lending business.

At our core, we share a common belief that life shouldn’t be spent at a cubicle. Working and making contributions to society are all well and good, but living life to the fullest is of the utmost importance. Money is not the most important thing in the world, but it is the medium through which we can achieve our goals.

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Please choose one of our communities to begin your journey, whether you want to take advantage of our free training resources or are ready to start implementing, we have options for everyone.


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See the power of the largest peer to peer lending community. Our community of Masters is a powerful group of trusted individuals who have changed their lives using our passive income strategies.