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Implementers are ready to take action. You are dedicated to achieving your goals and ready to take the next step for achieving financial independence. We congratulate you on your decision today. On this page you’ll find our collection of training programs and home study courses designed with your success in mind.

If you’re just getting started we recommend you begin with our programs such as Top Tier Investor or The Bankers Code. Or if you are an established investor, we recommend our more advanced programs below.

Training and Development Programs

Level I Programs

The Bankers Code Book ~ The Most Powerful Wealth-Building Strategies Finally Revealed

The Banker’s Code is the story of a brilliant scientist and thinker who shares with the author – and with you – incredible financial secrets passed down through generations. It’s a story that chronicles the most powerful wealth-building strategies known to man, lessons that are the basis of banking.

In this book you’ll be introduced to a whole new way of building wealth that some of the wealthiest families in the world have used, and are still using. Learn actionable strategies to be the banker so you can increase your wealth and create freedom and prosperity for you and your family.

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Passive Income Manifesto Online Training Program

The Passive Income Manifesto is an in-depth, on-demand video training that reveals the very best strategies you can use to build passive income starting today.

To create more income and security you do not need to quit your job to start a business or risk your savings. Instead you will learn how to earn more passive cash flow even if you’re working full time and while protecting your current capital and assets.

In this program you’ll discover simple steps for turning your investment strategy into a cash-generating asset that allows you to accelerate your path to financial freedom.

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The Banker’s Code: 10 Day Accelerated System. Private Lending Made Simple Home Study Course and 3-day Live Integration Event

The Banker’s Code: 10 Day Accelerated System your complete blueprint to unlocking the strategies of banks to create passive income and cash flow using OPM (other people’s money) to create wealth for you and your family

You’ll discover how peer to peer lending can work for you. This unique program unlocks the code to “being the bank,” using your money or another private money source to build a portfolio of revenue streams —just like the banks do it.

In this step-by-step blueprint you get all the tools you need to start generating passive income through private lending, with step-by-step guidance along the way.

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The Wealthy Code Book ~ What the Wealthy Know About Money That Most People Will Never Know!

The Wealthy Code book is a story of how a very wealthy man shared with the author the practical secrets to becoming wealthy. The story reveals the code the wealthy use and unveils the details of the code. It allows readers to understand wealth, to build wealth, and ultimately, to become wealthy. This simple, easy-to-understand book walks the reader through advanced and powerful concepts that can help you become wealthy.

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The Wealthy Code Workshop For Real Estate Investors

During this 2-day workshop you’ll discover an unusual method for creating $2,000 to $5,000 or more per month in passive cash flow. You’ll be given all the strategies, methods, tools, formulas, contracts, and resources you need to implement this cash flow strategy in your business.

Once you put these strategies into action you’ll immediately see the world of deal making differently. You’ll look at deals in a new light. In fact, you’ll experience a mind shift… where you think, act, and do deals in a whole new way… at a whole new level.

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The Private Money Code

The Private Money Code is an interactive live experience designed to immerse you in the understanding and skillsets for raising private money and leveraging this capital to create wealth and passive income.

At the event you’ll be given specific action steps for using other people’s money as a resource to create more income, more wealth, and more freedom. You’ll learn what it takes to raise private money, from what to say, who to approach, to how to structure deals to be safe, mitigate risks, and enjoy maximum profits.

Private money is the fastest way for anyone to create passive income and wealth without using their own capital or assets. The Private Money Code gives you to resources, knowledge, and tools to use private money in your favor.

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Asset Protection

It’s not what you earn that matters but what you keep.  When starting your private lending business, one of the first decisions to be made is deciding which legal structure your company should take. In addition to the preserving your wealth, the proper business entity will allow you to properly protect your assets as they continue to grow.

Since many of us know it takes a lifetime to accumulate wealth but only a small oversight to take it away, setting up your business appropriately is crucial to the long-term success of your private lending business.

To ensure your business is set-up properly, or to set-up a new entity with one of our legal partners, call 888-888-3612 x 8.

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Tax Planning QRP

Are you looking to activate capital to get started as a private lender? A Qualified Retirement Plan is a great funding vehicle for those who already have existing funds in their retirement accounts and are looking to get started in private lending right away. A QRP also offer many tax benefits not available through other, traditional retirement account options.

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Level II Programs

The Banker’s Code Experience: 9-Month Implementation Program

The Banker’s Code Experience is a nine-month comprehensive training program with high-value live events, monthly calls, and online resources to help you:

  • Simulate the private lenders experience and learn what you’ll actually be doing every day in your business
  • Bond with a community of like-minded lenders (these connections are crucial to your future success as a private lender)
  • Expand your library of essential private lending resources

And most importantly, we have an experienced team of technical and accountability coaches to help you stay accountable, bust obstacles, and keep moving toward success.

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The Platinum Membership Community: Largest Network of Private Lenders

The Platinum Membership Community allows you to tap further into the high level network and become part of an elite group of trusted individuals who are thinking differently and taking their passive income goals to the next level.

Four times a year, The Platinum Membership Community gathers to network and exchange peer to peer lending experiences through panels and roundtables. These student-driven sessions are centered on trends they are seeing in the industry.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • One year of coaching with Platinum Membership-level mentors
  • Exclusive access to the MPactWealth Rolodex, a VIP list of third-party vendors and business associates who have helped other students
  • A dedicated Apprentice Manager dedicated to guiding you and answering any questions
  • VIP access to Platinum Membership -only events, workshops, resources and organizational tools focused on industry trends
  • Ongoing access to Platinum Membership -level training

This is a different playing field, and if you are truly dedicated to taking your peer to peer lending business where it has never gone before, you can be a part of it. We do not take our responsibility lightly and consider this program a true investment that will create amazing returns.

Join us for this exclusive experience. To learn more about The Banker’s Code Platinum Membership Community please contact our certified product specialists at 1.888.888.3612 x 8.