More About MPactWealth

Achieving financial success through alternative investment strategies requires a sound education, but knowledge carries investors only so far without the resources for successful implementation. MPactWealth provides individuals with tools, training and empowerment, allowing them to take action and realize long-envisioned personal gains. The experiential aspect of the training is what sets this community apart, as it helps people get where they want to be through real-life application and by tapping into the lending network.

A subsidiary of Achievest, MPactWealth aims to support private lending and facilitate the growth of alternative investment portfolios. It has positioned itself as an industry leader and innovator – an illustration of how the world has awoken to private lending, a strategy formerly employed by only those of ultra-high net worth.

What began as a modest resource for wealth enhancement has developed into a deep well of companies that allow both borrowers and investors to tap into the real estate market. Founder George Antone built the model based on his belief that an analysis of proven banking strategies could help people from all walks of life achieve their financial goals, while taking on less risk.

MPactWealth clients are regularly reminded of the fact that they – not the banks – possess the power, tools and wherewithal to achieve financial success. The private lending community provides channels through which individuals can access sources of viability they were previously unaware of or didn’t think were realistic options.

Alternatives at your disposal

With such a wide array of capabilities, including asset-backed crowdfunding and professional wealth management services, MPactWealth promotes a progressive, innovative culture that helps users capitalize on proven alternative investment strategies. For many individuals, this means saying goodbye to outdated or restrictive regulations and navigating different forms of risk – for which they have been prepared through the training process.

The MPactWealth community is filled with investors from all backgrounds and with a range of skills, from experienced real estate investors, doctors, attorneys and busy stay-at-home moms to entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Their common trait is their mutual desire to learn, apply and take action. All these people seek out MpactWealth in hopes of creating the lifestyle they desire and deserve. They want to escape the everyday grind, generate working income from home and guarantee a cozy financial future. The knowledge gained through their newly acquired skills and peer-group awareness helps these ambitions become realities.

MPactWealth sets its clients up for success by leveraging the established, trusted and eminently knowledgeable community with sound wealth education strategies. It’s a community consistently out in front of strategies that work and aware of those that don’t – and one that’s helped thousands author their own stories of financial success.

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