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Quickly Create Your Ideal Passive Income & Save Yourself Years Of Struggle

Learn to build a 6-figure income in real estate where you...

  • Never deal with renters
  • Never find, fix, and flip properties
  • Never invest in risky wholesale deals
  • Never are at the mercy of wild market swings
  • Never have to pester your friends and family for money
  • And never even have to use any personal capital investment or credit... (I know this sounds crazy, but believe me this IS a skill that can be learned)

Build Your Personal Wealth & Improve Your Local Community

Even if you don't have cash flow, or know where to start...

  • Finally learn what real estate investments really build wealth
  • Use a proven system that creates 6–7 figure incomes in any market
  • Know exactly where to find local, eager clients
  • Learn how to find reliable sources of money to fund deals
  • Put deals together that ensure repeat business & referrals

  • Build a legacy business your local real estate community desperately needs

Create Your Ideal Passive Income Now:

Creating a stable, 6–7 figure passive income through private lending isn't rocket science. It's simply a SKILL. And it's something you can learn to do

(even if you don't know where to start, or have little to no cash flow).

Choosing how you want to build a passive income through real estate comes down to this. Do you want to slave away flipping houses, wholesaling properties, dealing with renters. Or, skip the headaches, and create real wealth by being the banker to cash starved real estate communities?

All it takes is knowing a few simple (but unconventional) techniques...

And to see the sort of techniques I'm talking about, simply click the button below to get your very own Passive Income Quick-Start Tool-Kit (at no cost) containing specific passive income tips and techniques geared to your personal situation...

"No more hassling with tenants and broken toilets..."

The tools and resources that I have acquired through The Banker's Code are absolutely invaluable. My background is in multi-family real estate investing and syndication, but what George teaches has opened the door to a new world of private lending, and has allowed me to diversify my portfolio. Learning how to manage files and folders instead of hassling with tenants and broken toilets is exactly what I have been looking for, and has proven to be an ideal strategy.

Lenny Longo

"We were struggling on my church music director income..."

The Mpact Wealth training changed my life. More specifically, it changed me, my wife, and my family's financial future forever. I don't say this lightly. I was a full-time music director at a local church. But it was our only income because my wife home-schooled our kids. After the Mpact Wealth training, we had the confidence to begin our own real estate business. We now have over 20 deals under our belts, and suddenly have a stable passive income flowing into our lives each month. This is the real deal!

William Winterton

"I needed a full time income to care for my disabled husband...

I'm grateful for the knowledge, guidance, and continued support that George, The Banker's Code team, and the community have provided. Although I enjoyed my career as a Landscape Architecture and Project Management Professional, I was searching for a way to replace my income, so I could provide full time care for my daughter and severely disabled husband, who was injured in combat.

Since attending the Banker's Code in May 2014, private lending has allowed me to generate passive income from home, on a schedule that works for my family, and has allowed me to resign from my job to raise my daughter, and provide full time care for my husband. Thanks to private lending, not only are my family's immediate needs met, I am also able to more fully focus on building long term wealth, and my new life purpose, which is to raise awareness and support for the recovery of disabled veterans and their families in ways I hadn't imagined possible.

Andrea Sekora
Sapphire Management Group

"I was downsized after a 30 year career..."

Following a 30 year career in Consumer Packaged Goods marketing, my position was downsized during the economic turmoil of 2007-08....not a good time to be looking for work in the role of VP Marketing. I had a bit of experience with Real Estate and did a few flips, but I didn't like all the uncertainty of doing deals where I was dependent on the reliability of contractors. MpactWealth showed me a better way.

The two key things I learned from George are how to shift the majority of the risk to the borrower side of the equation, and how you don't need to be the specialist in all the techniques of the real estate niches when you are the banker. You only choose to lend to those who are proven specialists. I am proud to be a member of MPactWealth. These past 3 years have been instrumental in providing a new direction in my life of helping others achieve their financial goals while improving our communities.

Jay Leigber