WealthClasses WorkshopIn these times of uncertainty, everyone is looking for alternative and more sustainable investment strategies. With one click of a button, you can get all kinds of information: right, wrong, clear, confusing, easy, complicated, misguiding, unproven … The information is overwhelming. To fully master how to achieve your financial goals, you need more than just information — you need guidance, support, and a success framework. The highest achieving students get that way by using mentors; people who give you good advice when you are lost, confused, or just scared to make a mistake. These students also surround themselves with like-minded individuals and take action together using proven strategies and financial principles. How do we know that?

We were in your shoes once.

WealthClasses with George AntoneMost people tend to fall into the trap of their own limiting beliefs. They limit what they think they can or cannot do; and what they can or cannot be. People have unwittingly trapped themselves in the belief that to be successful and financially stable, they have to work tirelessly.

But it just isn’t true.

Live Wealth Building TrainingWe’ve realized that all people need to do to achieve these goals is to surround yourself with a community of people who can tell you the truth, who can share your experiences, and who can give you a hand when you are hesitant. At WealthClasses, we’ve created a conceptually different training program. Our program empowers ANY person with the determination, commitment and hands-on experience to make passive income. Our program is designed to provide you with support in the form of our community of experienced passive income ‘makers’ that you can interact and test your newly acquired knowledge with. Learn the Secrets of the WealthyWe introduce you to our experienced mentors who can give you advice to overcome any technical obstacles. To make sure your fear of making mistakes doesn’t take over, our personal accountability coaches will keep an eye on you and give you a necessary push in the right direction solving your ‘mind games.’

Our program includes 3 phases:

  1. WealthClasses Training for Building WealthLearning — At the Learning stage, we give you our tested techniques of making a passive income.
  2. Earning — At the Earning stage, we imitate real world conditions and situations to polish your responses to these conditions.
  3. Performing — At the Performing stage, you begin to use our techniques in the real world with our experts close at hand for advice.

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Register to learn how you can effectively turn your investment strategy into passive income using the most tested, proven methods banks have used for centuries.George Antone, Chief Wealth Strategist for WealthClasses, will show you how to generate passive income by explaining:

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