Schedule Time Offline for Greater Productivity and Results

No one can argue if used effectively, the phone, e-mail, social media and the Internet can enhance productivity, performance, promote increased revenues and accelerate desired results.  While technology today has made it possible to enhance efficiency and productivity, there is a real downside.  Because modern communication allows for easier interruptions, it is a major cause for decreased performance, productivity, loss of income and overall advancement toward high priority goals.  Just observe people anywhere today and you will see heads down and fingers flying in response to something on their Smart Phone.  Even in your office, while you are supposed to be working productively, between e-mail, text messages, and social media communications, what’s really being accomplished with regard to your high priority goals and objectives?  What message are you conveying to others?  Just because you have e-mail and a cell phone, does it mean you are accessible all day every day to everybody? 

When you stop to continually open incoming e-mail, respond to every text message as soon as it arrives, or answer the phone when it rings, you are choosing to allow a distraction and interruption from whatever you were focused on prior to being “pinged.”   While this may appear as if you are multi-tasking, the truth is you are not.  You are inviting a loss of focus and a decrease in productivity every time you allow and engage an interruption of this sort. 

To keep your focus, set aside time each day and over the course of the week during which you “shut out the world” by not taking calls, checking e-mail, or allowing other interruptions.  Time block for these uninterrupted periods, where you dedicate yourself fully to the work and completion of a critical task.  This tactic will ensure greater concentration, focus, productivity and efficiency, and you’re likely to feel the great intrinsic reward of having completed an important task rather than feeling frustrated that you’ve not been able to get your work done as planned.

Schedule and time block periods in the day when you are open to receive and return phone calls, e-mails, text messages, etc.  Barring a family emergency or the like, just about everything and everyone can wait between 30 and 60 minutes to hear from you.  The world will wait and your world won’t fall apart as it does wait.  You’ll be implementing a best practice for enhanced productivity, and the rewards you reap from that should feel really good when making bigger financial deposits into your bank account!  The more money you have working for you, the more passive income you can create.  You just won’t get there by continually inviting and engaging with today’s communication sources without some real discipline and determination to schedule time offline to get important, revenue-producing work complete. 

As you work deliberately to create the lifestyle you most desire, incorporate this best practice strategy to support your efforts.  The more efficient and productive you are in your focused work sessions, the more time you carve out for the other important areas of your life, including time with family, friends, fun and entertainment.  There are many rewards to adopting a more productive and efficient system to getting your important work done.  It will likely require you to make some changes to how you are currently operating, but I am quite sure that both the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards you receive will be more than worth the effort you put forth to create this new best practice routine.  Now is the perfect time to establish this new high performance strategy for yourself!

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