How to slay your procrastination dragons once and for all

We’ve all done it.


Our hearts are racing to start a new venture, like private lending, with visions of wild success. Then a week or two into the fancy-schmancy program we ordered that’ll lead us to the promised land, we find ourselves hopelessly distracted. Suddenly, you become obsessed with flossing your cat, rearranging your sock drawers or clearing your honey-do list.


What’s going on here?


Overcoming the procrastination of launching your new private lending venture is a lot like conquering your fear of heights by hurtling out of a Cessna 182. Both require letting go of something first. Sure, it’s scary. But at some point, you’ve just got to be willing to embrace the unknown.


The real root of procrastination problems


Part of what can make you procrastinate with building your private lending business is that it’s no cake walk. You’ve got connections to make, OPM to raise, and viable deals to hunt down. It’s bloody hard work. And it’s easy to become disillusioned when things don’t automatically fall into place.


This alone can make you vulnerable to procrastination. But before you rush off to fix procrastination, realize it is not a problem. It’s really a symptom.


Without sounding too woo-woo, procrastination is your inner guidance system trying to tell you one of two things. 1) You’re on the right course, but you need to go through some turbulence of old ideas about yourself, and if you do, you’ll get where you want to go. 2) That you’re way off course, and a new flight plan is required.


How can you tell which one it is?



Are your expectations ridiculous?


If you’ve never flown a plane or skydived what do you think the odds are you’ll be able to pilot the plane on day one, turn over controls to someone else, then suit up and jump out by yourself?


Same with your private lending business.


Yet countless folks with zero background in real estate investing set their sights on earning $20,000 / mo+ passive incomes in their first 1-2 months.   The more out of whack your expectations, the more procrastination you can expect.


Does that mean we don’t set big goals?


Hardly. Just ones that fit your experience level. It’s the difference between being woefully out of shape and walking your first marathon, versus expecting to set a world record your first race.


If you’ve never earned $20,000 income in a month then set your expectations to what feels like a tippy-toe stretch above the highest amount you have earned. Once you reach that, do another stretch, and another until you are at $20,000. This will keep you inspired, and in alignment with what you think you deserve each step of the way.


Do you deserve what you’re trying to build?


Getting your expectations in check isn’t enough to overcome procrastination. You also have to take a look at what you really think you deserve. You can tell what you think you deserve by what’s been regularly showing up in your life.


If you struggle with your own finances, never have money, or feel like the world is against you becoming a private lender, the universe is just giving you what you’ve been silently asking for through your thoughts.


So do I just need to start thinking happy, positive thoughts?


That doesn’t hurt, but it won’t change what you think you deserve. That’ll just be like slapping a smiley face sticker on a gas gauge that’s on ‘E’, while thinking you ‘deserve’ to make it another 100 miles. You’ve got to do something about the empty tank first.


The empty tank of deseve gets filled by questioning old stories about lack, scarcity and abundance. Just like the expectation ‘stretches’ for more money, you can do the same with these areas too.


You start finding little ways to acknowledge you do have enough, are abundant, and have had success in other small areas of your life. It can be as simple as starting a nightly gratitude journal. Or being in awe at the abundance of rows and rows of fresh fruits and veggies at the grocery store.


What if I still keep procrastinating?


If you’ve really checked your expectations, and know you 100% deserve what you want to build then you will not want to procrastinate. It’s impossible.   So what that means is, you may need to thank your inner guidance for showing you that you need to find something else that inspires you.


Inspiration is the key word. When you are inspired it means your expectations and what you think you deseve are in alignment. Maybe private lending doesn’t really inspire you. Be glad you found out now, instead of continuing to suffer.


Self-honesty is the key to conquering procrastination


Your body is trying to help succeed if you’ll listen to it. Procrastination is a symptom that you need to look at your expectations and what you think you really deserve.


And here’s the best part…


You don’t even have to change anything you believe. Just try the ‘stretch’ methods and see how you feel. That is your biggest gauge. If you feel lighter, happier, joyful and inspired you know your deserve tank is getting more full. Then your expectations for more can grow. And procrastination at manifesting the passive income you want will be non-existent.

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