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MPactWealth Says Goodbye...

MPactWealth set out to impact thousands of lives both professionally and personally. We are so very proud to have achieved that and more in our 10-year plus journey together. It is now time for a new chapter in our lives. The partners in the company have decided to pursue different paths and goals. Therefore, MPactWealth has closed as an entity and is no longer in business.

We want to thank all the people involved that made this company great and the community of lenders and investors; and wish you all the best success in your future endeavors. Your individual contributions to our community were greatly and deeply appreciated by us.

We will leave you with this one of the hundreds of emails and testimonials we have received from our students...

…I don’t think you will ever fully grasp the impact you’ve had on people who have prospered from your teachings. The massive team of private lenders, the borrowers who have been able to complete deals that were otherwise impossible, the investors who have seen huge returns... they are only the beginning. Friends and families of those people- folks you will never meet or even know about- those lives are all impacted by what you have done. You have started a ripple effect throughout the community. Its impact will be widespread and will far outlive us all.”


Thank you to our students for allowing us to serve you.

The MPactWealth Team


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