Top 3 Investing Tips from Peer-to-Peer Lending Experts

They’ve interviewed some of the most respected and recognized financial minds within the peer-to-peer finance community.

We wanted to hear the answer to a simple but powerful question:

“If you could only give a novice peer-to-peer lender 3 tips for successful investing, what 3 tips would you give?”


So without further ado, here’s an abbreviated tally of the top 5 answers: Most Important P2P Lending Tips (as voted by 30 31 experts!)
#1 Diversify your loans/Spread your money over many loans – 16 votes

#2 Do your homework/research – 12 votes

#3 Invest in an IRA– 5 votes (* this particular tip was strictly from the US experts & applies to US lending only)

#4 A. Reinvest your returns, don’t let returns sit idle – 4 votes

B. Use automation to invest/reinvest – tied w/ 4 votes

C. Make loans on various platforms – tied w/ 4 votes

#5 Prepare yourself for limited liquidity – 3 votes

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